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By John Smith posted July 20, 2016


Massages have been around for a long time and have been used for medical purposes, and their use for erotic purposes also has a long history. According to Wikipedia, erotic massage or sensuous massage is the use of massage techniques by a person on another person's erogenous zones to achieve or enhance their sexual excitation or arousal and to achieve orgasm. The meaning of erotic massages has been carefully outlined, what then do I mean by erotic couple massages. Just like erotic massages, erotic couple massages enhances sexual excitation and tends to achieve orgasm, the only twist is that this is done with a partner. Erotic couple massages could be a fantastic experience for couples to explore and to develop and improve their relationship.

Erotic couple massages have a lot of advantages and the benefit they have on relationships is perhaps the most intriguing. Yes, erotic couple massages can improve your relationship with your partner. One of the benefits of erotic couple massages is that it helps couples to reconnect. Many at times, married people and people in relationships hardly have time for themselves due to work, business or other good reasons. The idea of an erotic couple massage could help them reconnect and improve their relationship. Esther Boykin, a licensed marriage and family therapist and co-founder of Group Therapy Associates said and I quote, “But during a massage session, people are almost instinctively driven to let go of the past and the future and turn their attention to the present moment. This practice of being fully engaged in an activity together that can help couples reconnect, and with a little effort, they can bring that same level of mindful awareness to their time outside of the massage."

Another very important benefit of erotic couple massages is that it will eliminate the need to stray. According to, By indulging in a couples massage together, you can stop the need to look elsewhere for both yourself and your partner. If sexual needs become overlooked, that is when the real danger of your partner seeking satisfaction elsewhere occurs. Why not nip that in the bud and enjoy a couples tantric massage together before you both liaise with others elsewhere?

New couples tend to connect more sexually, they let their guard down, in a burst of sensual eroticism, but over time, majority of these couples lose that spark in their relationship. It is safe to say that erotic couple massages can give couples something to be excited about and to enhance their sexual lives. Couples can also find new ways to pleasure themselves. couples body-to-body massage session is an erotic learning experience where tantric techniques can be performed on each partner while the other watches and learns.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that the importance of erotic couple massages cannot be overemphasized. From helping couples reconnect, providing a safe environment for couples to explore their sexuality to re-igniting the spark in their sexual lives, erotic couple massages can be very beneficial to building a good and healthy relationship.