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Fun Couples Massage

You,  your partner, and I . Spend time learning the joys of gentle touch and strokes during the massage.

My sessions and experiences

Check out my different sessions  and experiences available to you below

Couples massage

One hour minimum  

Want to have some relaxing time with a bit of fun with your partner? Come see me and lets help give both partners a sensual massage.
1 hour starts at $149
2 hours $249 

Sensual massage

One hour minimum

Step into Nicole's home and let all your worries, tension, and stress all slip away. You body will be touched with care and pleasure, to help you feel pure enjoyable sensations, in a comfortable and relaxed setting.
1 hour starts at $129 
2 hours $239

Social & massage

Starts at 2 and a half hours

This is the perfect session for those that would like to get to know me a little bit more before we start the massage. Lets, relax, chill, eat, and drink together while disusing the perfect way to give you a massage. There are options to visit you, go on a trip, or spend the night over at yours or mine.
2.5 hours starts at $249
4 hours $349
Overnight – Midnight till 9am $349
24 hours $999
48 hours $1599

My contact information

See below for where I am located and how to contact me


Feel free to contact me and ask questions. Please check your spam fold if you don't see an email from me within 24 hours. Many thanks Nicole